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Lyrics Sites

SnakeRoot's Jpop Lyrics
My current favourite romaji site! Romaji for a huge range of artists, updated quickly.

Project Hello
My other big go-to site for romaji. This site has kana and romaji lyrics for pretty much every Hello Project song ever sung. They’ve also translated many of the songs, especially the latest ones, and the romaji lyrics of each song is colour coded to show who sings which part.

Megchan's J-Pop Pages
This is one of the biggest romaji and translation website online, and definitely the most accurate, as he has over 10 years experience as a professional translator. You can also buy copies of any of the CDs in his huge collection, as well as PVs of a large number of artists.

Cori's Jpop Lyrics Homepage
This site was the SnakeRoot of the late 90s and most of the 00s. She's not updating anymore but all of the lyrics are still there, so this is the place to go for 90s and 00s lyrics.

J-lyric.net, Kasi-time.com and Evesta Kashi Toru
Possibly the only major kanji sites that still let you c&p kanji lyrics! Here's hoping they don't get lured over to the dark side like SOME sites (*cough* Goo. And the thing that REALLY annoys me about Goo is that, I don't know what kind of Flash they're using but their pages won't even load on my computer anymore. D:)

Utamap and Uta-Net
You can't c&p kanji from these sites, but they have a bigger range than the two other sites.

Anime Song Nara Koko Ni Omakase?
Huge kana site for anime songs. It's searchable both by title and by anime, which is useful. Another site that you need Flash to view.

Twilight Paradise
Group of Jpop/anime sites containing kana and romaji lyrics for numerous artists, as well as fan sites for Morning Musume, AAA, AKB48 and Kirarin Revolution, banners and a forum.

Blue Light Translations
Lyrics translations for a variety of Jpop artists. There are a lot of Perfume and Kokia songs in particular, so this page is a must-visit for any fans of those artists.

Ring My Bell
Lyrics translations for a wide range of Jpop, Jrock, anime and video game songs. There's a separate page for songs by seiyuu (anime voice actors), and pages where you can search for songs from a specific anime, drama, movie or video game.



Kohaku Yume
My main lyrics requester! She specialises in visual kei and Jrock that nobody else has subbed, so if you're a fan of either of those genres her journal is well worth a visit. She also does some guypop, especially Johnny's. Particularly recommended for fans of D=out, KAT-TUN, TM Revolution and Uverworld - she's got full discographies. Her journal is friends-only, but all you have to do is add her and she'll add you back quickly (the only exception is if you have no friends, no entries, no profile, and you just joined.)

Another major requester of mine. Subbed PVs for a variety of artists, particularly Aqua Timez, BoA, Ikimonogakari, Miwa, Perfume, Scandal and Yui. See if you can find the ones I translated! :D

Fansubbing site with a ton of subbed PVs and some dramas.

Raul-kun Fansubs
Subbed PVs for various Jpop songs, including quite a few older songs.


Fan Sites

We Are For The Future
A very comprehensive site dedicated to Do As Infinity and all of the members' independent projects. The site has bios, discographies, translated lyrics and samples for DAI and all their related acts. This person also runs MonoKrome - A Miho Komatsu Fan Site.

Secret Kamiki
French fansite for Kamiki Aya. Contains interviews, avatars, French translations of all the songs on her first album, and even a forum.

Twilight Paradise
Group of Jpop/anime sites containing kana and romaji lyrics for numerous artists, as well as fan sites for Morning Musume, AAA, AKB48 and Kirarin Revolution, banners and a forum.

JPop Express
I can't say it better than this quote from the webmaster: "Jpopexpress.com is your complete Japanese entertainment portal site - featuring shopping, news, and interactive Web community, focusing on all aspects of Japanese pop-culture: Japanese pop/rock music, animation, games, toys, movies, and more! If it's Japanese and cool, look for it here!"

Ikimonogakari Forum & Fansite
Forum for Ikimonogakari fans with news and fun activities like banner contests.

A Garnet Crow Fan Blog! ~The Garnetscope~
Everything a Garnet Crow fan could want: News, reviews, pictures, videos and lyrics! There are even fun competitions for fans to take part in.


Jpop Sellers

CD Japan
My affiliate partner! I chose CD Japan after it got the highest number of votes in a survey I did. It's very flexible, with a wide range of payment options, and everything you could need to know is set out clearly on the site. There are a lot of special offers, including a points system where you can get free credit to use on the site. They also send you emails letting you know when your favourite artists have released something new.

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