I have been studying Japanese since 1997, and have worked as a professional translator since late 2008, so I'm pretty confident about my recent stuff. But the bulk of the translations on this site (about 3000 of them) were done in 2005 and 2006, before I went to Japan or when I'd only just arrived there. My Japanese was nowhere near as good then (living in Japan did me a world of good, as did studying for L1 of the JLPT), and I tended to rush my translations in order to get people's requests done as quickly as possible. So there are likely to be some mistakes in those.

There may also be mistakes in my recent stuff, particularly the romaji - I don't always listen to the songs I translate, and some kanji can have multiple readings (eg 明日 can be "ashita" or "asu" or 瞳 can be "hitomi" or "me".) There are also times when artists use something called "ateji" - they sing one thing but write the kanji for something else, so that they can convey two things at once. Usually they will make a note of this in their lyrics, but some don't bother (Garnet Crow, I'm looking at you!) so I may not catch this.

If any of you guys see any mistakes, please email me and let me know:

*What song it was
*What part is wrong
*And what you think it should be.

I can't emphasise enough how much help your corrections are. If you see anything wrong, no matter how small, even if you're not totally sure that it's actually wrong, please let me know. Thanks! :D